Restaurant 1861

Fine food worth the extra mile!

Make a reservation ...

It’s easy to make a reservation, just call us on our main telephone number on 0845 388 1861, or courtesy of the power of the internet, click the “Call Me Back” button (between 9am and 9pm) enter your telephone number and we’ll get back to you, normally within a few seconds (please make sure you are near the phone and the answerphone is switched off). When you press the button our website calls us and then automatically dials your number when we pick up and hey presto your phone rings and it’s us on the end. Couldn’t be easier and much better than wrestling with a computer trying to make an on-line booking!

We are a personal service and love to talk to our customers, we can then also enquire about special dietary requirements and if you are coming to celebrate a special occasion please let us know.

P.S. If you will require a taxi, we suggest that you book one in advance to avoid disappointment. If you do not know any local taxi firms, this link may be of assistance