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Simon’s Chocolate Mousse

100g Caster sugar
1 Egg
2 Egg yolks
175g Melted dark chocolate
450 ml Double cream
1 tsp Coffee
1 25ml of Rum

Ingredients for your glaze
120g Melted chocolate
250 ml Syrup
40g Cocoa powder

Whisk the egg and yolk together in a food mixer until white and frothy.
Put the sugar into a pan on the heat and boil until it reaches 121 degrees Celsius, then add the sugar to the egg and whisk until cool.

Add the melted chocolate to the mixture along with the coffee and rum and whisk until mixed thoroughly.
Whisk your double cream into soft peaks and fold your mixture into the cream. Your chocolate mixture must be cool before you add to the cream or the whole mixture will deflate. Pour into your molds and refrigerate for a minimum of 4 hours before adding the glaze.

Method for your glaze
Heat the stock syrup and cocoa to 50 degrees Celsius and whisk into your melted chocolate. Leave to cool and pour over your chocolate mousse!

Serve accompanied by fresh fruit. (Fresh raspberries or cherries are particularly good).