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Courgette and Mint Risotto

RDL 9973


50g butter
1 courgette, chopped into small cubes, and lightly roasted in the oven
6-8 nice large leaves of fresh mint
25g chopped onion
100g short grain rice
185ml chicken/vegetable stock
25g grated parmesan cheese


Melt your butter in a saucepan and add the chopped onions, cook gently for around 2 to 3 minutes, allowing the onions to soften without gaining colour. Add your rice and continue to cook for around 2 to 3 minutes. Pour in the stock, and season with salt and pepper. Cover your saucepan with a lid, and allow the rice to simmer. Stir frequently and if necessary add more stock until the rice has absorbed all of the stock. Finally stir in your courgettes and parmesan cheese. Add the mint immediately before serving. All this dish needs to accompany it is a fresh salad.