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Bramble Syllabub

RDL 9462

Serves 4


225 grams of wild blackberries
25 grams caster sugar
270 ml white wine
1tbls brandy
1tbls icing sugar
600ml double cream
Pinch of five spice


Place the blackberries and caster sugar in to a pan, heat gently until the brambles become tender. Allow to cool, and mix in the five spice to taste. Add the white wine and the brandy, sieve in the icing sugar, and stir until dissolved.

In a mixing bowl, half whip the double cream until it thickens but before it develops peaks. Gradually whip the brandy and wine mixture into the cream, whipping gently all the time until the mixture is light and fluffy.

Spoon a little of the bramble coulis into 4 wine glasses and top with a little layer of syllabub, continue layering the bramble coulis and syllabub until used up.

Decorate with shortbread fingers, and serve.

Tip: The bramble coulis and syllabub can be prepared in advance and refrigerated before spooning into the glasses.